No, The Taj Mahal is not in the list. But a few other unexplored gems definitely are!

Everything in the world has its first time and travelling has all the absolute chances of converting first time to an every time experience. Getting around and across India is something everybody wants to experience once, and with this emerges the massive squad of first time explorers! The zeal to explore has been gaining its ground lately, keeping in mind the ever so enthusiastic people all around the globe.

India has a never-ending list of unique locations which are sought by passionate wanderers, who say-

“Ditch the common, get around the exclusive!”

But first, the four most spellbinding destinations picked by us are listed below, have a look-

1. MALANA– First time explorers take note; A place boasting its own sense of pride, Malana is a nucleus of hundred houses that look ancient but lively. Also known as the Republic of Malana, this quaint village in the valley of Kullu can be reached from 3 mountain passes. Surrounded by the high peaking mountains and valleys of North India, this destination entitles itself of the Greek origin. Pass through wonderful waterfalls and river streams and seek only what you explore!

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2. SANDAKPHU– Darjeeling, Sikkim, Siliguri, locations like these have been traveled to quite often. But what is usually not talked about is the ‘Paradise of Trekkers’, Sandakphu, a vantage point in the Darjeeling region where some of the world’s highest peaks gaze back at you! Sounds delightful right? Sandakphu means “height of poison plant” and it’s interesting to know about the poisonous aconite plants that grow near the peak creating a breathtaking sight for the trekkers!

first time explorers

3. FROZEN RIVER– Adrenaline rush soaring high, drawing in the exclusivity which seldom comes easy; this ‘chadar trek’ invites you to walk the river, a frozen river! This is where the harshness of mountains merges with the cold nature of the Zanskaar River and enthralls the adventure seekers to wrap its beauty around themselves! Not too much to ask from first time explorers, is it?

first time explorers

4. KHAJURAHO– For first timer explorers, visiting a UNESCO world heritage site is only about gaining a deep insight of what India holds in itself. Going back all the way to 950-1050 AD and tracing the ahead-of-its-time sculptures narrates a different and an unusual aspect of intricacy. Divided into three complexes and embracing in it over 85 temples, this place mirrors ancient amazement!

first time explorers


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We are set to trailing Mulund for an absolute sensory thrill, read below-

Mumbai carries within its own Instagram inspiration, contrary of that typical crowd; the crowd of migrants, locals, foreigners, dreamers and achievers. While connoting the maximum city with noise, traffic, slums, vada pav, CSMT, local trains is a habit of the heart, the soul seeks a face unseen and unrevealed yet.

Mulund enjoyed an optimum fame with Nirmal Lifestyle, an open space mall where Mumbaikars would chill at; in watching movies at PVR, grabbing a select cup of coffee at Mocha, shopping at Shoppers Stop or even strolling in Crossword for a good read. But as the iconic property dissolved in the smoke of old days, an upgraded, Insta worthy streak of cafes, salons, bakeries and all that jazz popped up in numerous lanes of Mulund. The list is loading with time, so let’s introduce to you what’s been loaded till now-


As the name suggests, LBH is a salon beyond hair treatments. Its Insta-worthy décor is an adorable sight to the eyes, and the camera loves it equally well. The interiors have been tastefully executed, fusing ample touches of vintage and modern designs like quirky graffiti, props, brick walls, funky colour palate and more. Trailing Mulund, we land here; not too typical, not too commercial, Little Beyond Hair is a jazzy mix of all the comfort a lady needs.



Trailing Mulund is not just your regular suburban experience, it is a crazy concoction of good food and innovative gaming culture founded in to a board game café. From over a 100 types of games, a delectable menu comprising of coffees, teas, shakes, smoothies, mocktails to wraps, paninis, pizzas, pasta and sandwiches, Ministry of Games is a sensory delight. Some lazing around with friends ranges from Rs.150-500. So there’s absolutely no reason to not go there to play the mood up.



And there’s room only for dessert lovers, plenty of it! A heaven for Instagram and chocolate aficionados alike, the café’s collection boasts a luscious 24-layered chocolate cake, spicy guava pastry, vibrant paan macaroons and a range of appetizing freak shakes. Falling in love would be difficult, we say you’ll drown in love with them.

the bake room mulund


Athletic and in the highlight, the Mulund upgrade is like no other. BMC’s plans of flooring a 39-km cycling track between Mulund and Wadala is cheering the energetic souls around the city. The project will be built along the Tansa water pipelines to go live for Mumbaikars in 2019. Oh, there’s no two doubts about why this shouldn’t be an Insta worthy location.



French feels go the best with French-inspired bakery, and Mulund offers you exactly that. Begin the instagram treat by walking into a fancily adorned door, Parisian interiors overwhelming your senses. Artsy cakes, pastries, striking cupcakes and macaroons are nothing unique, but this elegant touch of a little French boulevard in Mulund makes it ultra special.

bonnies bakery1

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Pune, the cultural crown of Maharashtra and vast India, has a rhythmic trail of locations full of awes and surprises. While the evident gems of Pune have impacting stories to tell, there are a few hidden gems too which ooze with history, culture and a sense of phenomenal adventure. We unveil to you, an offbeat path to travel the hidden and less explored locations in and around Pune.



Merging history with architecture, sprinkled with lots of cultural takeaways is always a super exciting factor to intrigue the traveller’s mind; a key to hidden gems. Shivneri Fort offers you exactly that unique factor to indulge in to, as it is Maharaja Shivaji’s birthplace and gloriously stands adorned with excellent architecture, hinting at its history of being a military fortification point. Reel back to a deeper past to be surprised and find your feet tracing the intriguing caves, a mark of Buddhist centres in the region. Wear your historic glasses and be on the offbeat path.



Not known by many, but surely one of the hidden gems to be ticked off the travel checklist which is a short getaway distance from Pune, this place is specially developed for corporate training and a thrilling range of outdoor activities. Unexplored and neatly maintained, Garudmaachi can well be your next weekend haven for everything dynamic your wanderlust soul seeks.


Hidden Gems of Pune

Travel wouldn’t be fun if you already knew about various spheres of lifestyle across locations right? Prepare your curious brain and take off on an interesting journey to Gram Sanskruti Udyan in Pashan, a nucleus of hidden gems mirroring authentic village life of Maharashtra. The vibes are fascinating! Enthrall your senses and learn the diverse nuances of village life maintained by PMC, attractively crafted around the social, festive, commercial, cultural and a comprehensive list of livelihood.

Pune, a historic hub and a cultural centre is a true treat to the travellers who seek not just the ordinary but the less ordinary tracks of India, power packed with hidden gems and overwhelming facts. Be it a quick getaway or a long haul stay, the various places in and around Pune quenches the thirst of any wanderer asking for a destination, undiscovered.


coffees so photogenic


 Grab and go? No. Grab and click…the coffee pictures.


         Price– Around USD 9.80

         Where– Mellower Café, Shanghai, China

Coffee so photogenic

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Their signature coffee craft, this is called the ‘sweet little rain coffee’. A heart rejoicing concept, their coffee comes with a mini-cloud of white cotton candy, which drizzles sweet droplets into your cup while also exhibiting an aesthetic bitter-sweet coffee affair.

Will you still drink it? 100 points to you for giving it 100 percent attention for an Instagram click streak.


         Price– 6,000-7,000 KRW (USD6.50)

         Where– Zapangi Café, Seoul, South Korea

Coffee so photogenic

Source- Klook 

On weekdays, feel fancy…with Zapangi. Mermaid coffee makes the coffee experience a little too unique, and we like everything that helps us collect #Instaworthyenvy. The colourful, eccentric and camera-ready factor is all we need for our coffee salvation.


          Price– $6.90

          Where– Tap café, Shanghai, China

Coffee so photogenic

Source- Pinterest 

Sorting Instagram posts on a coffee deal? Deal. Choose from 3D designs like a teddy bear or hello kitty or a cute ghost topping. At Tap, coffee doesn’t remain just a cup of coffee, it promotes to the high ranks of being an Instagram Star. So we’re saying, grab your 3D latte before someone else Instagrams it.


          Price– USD 4-5

          Where– Graph Café, Chiang Mai, Thailand

coffee so photogenic

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The dark souls are coffee addicts, so why not fuse the concept and create some Instagram envy? Oh, and the charcoal lattes actually are quite good for detox. So make room for enough dark stuff because ’tis the season to run monochrome Insta features.


         Where– Truman Café, Melbourne, Australia


Source- Neatorama

Did you say avocados are healthy and coffees not? Well, you need to get introduced to the ‘Avolatte’ trend- hot coffee in an avocado shell. We aren’t sure of the coffee and avocado flavours infusing, but we bet they’ll be a rage on your Insta story.

Even though the ‘Avolatte’ invention got viral as a joke video by a chef in the Truman Café, it’s not a part of their menu.

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Underwater dining


The finest and truly exceptional, underwater dining has been the talk of the travellers’ clique lately, and we get exactly why. Beyond just a dining experience, underwater restaurants offer a complete gamut of sensory thrill; from a lavish food platter and tranquil ambience to scenic pleasure and soothing music. Enjoying the description still? Check out a host of sense-smacking underwater restaurants waiting to be discovered below.

1. ITHAA (meaning: ‘mother of pearls’)

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World’s first underwater restaurant, Ithaa finds luxury five meters down the surface of Indian Ocean. A global masterpiece, one can relish the 180° panoramic view of the distinct coral gardens of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Curved transparent walls, sleek wooden flooring accent the classic seating arrangement, while the cuisine comes with a variety bang, from local spices to western fusions tabled in a six-course and four-course menu set.


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Breaking the luxe barriers, this restaurant is the epitome of the underwater dining experience. Six meters beneath Indian ocean, this elegant setting is located close to the Per Aquum Niyama Resort, Maldives. Guests get a speedboat transfer and a plush walk down the restaurant to witness an oceanic magnificence featuring clam inspired bar, anemone chairs, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, coral-like chandeliers and intense blue lighting leaving open the marine luxury. From champagne breakfast and lunch to evening cocktails, the subaquatic themed food streak is a must for all the travel thrill seekers.


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Open to 16 guests at a time, Maldive’s Hurawalhi Island Resort is where you can meet gastronomic bliss, underwater. One of the most remarkable underwater dining locations, the marine scene here comes to a lavish revival. Indulging seafood menu, selected wine pairings and a sense soothing ambience makes the experience infinitely priceless. Measure the impressive panorama of Maldivian coral reefs, wildlife incredibility, kinds of fishes, sharks, eels and turtles and mark your day with an unparalleled dining experience.




Resort wear style


A fitting resort wear is about relaxed beach vibes, blending in with nature and of course some sightseeing with more than a couple of fab dining experiences! Resort holiday needs a refined version of regular vacation; this little guide will help you with appropriate and absolute hit outfit ideas to set a nonchalant mode for the entire stay.


Color palette matters! Move all the dark and heavy colours off the resort wear shelf, bring in lots of light, loose and soft shades to compliment your resort mood. Fuse in fabrics that suit your skin, make the vacay fashion look all the more eye-catching. Cotton, silk and linen make for comfortable picks and perfectly reflect trend and ease together.

One piece swimsuit– a must have for the post-winter season, this one piece maillot lends your curves focus and enhances the beach mood! Swimmers and fashion enthusiasts alike can don this clothing piece in their distinct style. Floral, striped, laced, pastel or even solid black are a few options to choose from.


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Bikini tops & shorts– while on the vacation, if you have ever had unsolved dilemmas on how to flaunt a proper bikini piece perfectly, then the classy way out into style is adding to your closet chic bikini tops and modish denim or colourful shorts. This will work strikingly extra to lift up your vacation feel and comfortability at the same time.


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Kaftan– no other clothing piece has had so many altered styling options as does kaftan, be it in the form of tunic-over-bottoms or fancy layering over a bikini piece or even a tucked in kaftan into your shorts. The style quotient is guaranteed to rise and infuse just the right amount of breezy feels.


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Maxi dresses– A resort vacation matches well with a pastel palette, and maxi dresses offer a variety of designs and patterns to be played with. H&M pushed a blooming trend called “Beach Vacation” where smooth toned maxi dresses stunned the fashion followers worldwide. Patterns like bohemian, floral, tie-dye, striped, uni-coloured & multi tones can be experimented with delicate jewellery range like tassels, semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls to edge up the style!


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Boho wraps– a chic element to your attire can well be adorned with Boho wraps. Choose any pattern or colour, accessorize your hair, be it a braided style or a bun, ponytail or even left untied. Jazzing up instantly with boho wraps is a breeze now!


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Appropriately urbane and skin-loving, this resort wear assortment is sure to make your resort vacation a voguish affair and elevate your sense of arranging holiday closet on a trendy track. Remember to accessorize your outfit with fine, light and fusion adornments. If using just one, statement pieces work just perfectly to keep a classic focus on your individuality. And of course, never forget to adorn an elegant confidence for the vacay season.




Popular as one of the most haunted hotels in America, this age old hotel is the main muse of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’, a book as well as a movie that froze a lot of us with its blood curdling narrative. Extremely chilling location, the guests here iterate the paranormal occurrences they experienced, especially on the fourth floor and in the concert hall. Strange noises, laughter, doors banging open and close are a few instances to state. Oh and the piano playing has been heard by numerous guests too, so we’re saying….you can stay for a night and witness it too!

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Haunted, medieval and in England, Chillingham Castle is also known as the ‘12th century castle’ which has a spine tingling history of defectors being hung, drawn and quartered. Visitors get to visit the ‘torture chamber‘ which houses a sloping floor indicating blood drainage system and heart wrenching indications of countless executions.

Pink room is famous for its exceptionally horror stay experience; one can hear loud weepy noises and witness blue light flashes, a phenomenon popular as the ‘blue boy’ ghost.

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Spooky thrill guaranteed here! Prison turned hotel was once a Nazi and soviet military prison zone. Don’t be surprised while being treated as an actual prisoner, staying in the cell and surrounded with eerie cell doors and walls all around. To add up, the staff will make sure to narrate unnerving stories of uncalled activities and a woman ghost’s presence who hanged herself years ago.

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Claimed to be haunted by numerous paranormal experts, this hotel in Lonavala has its own uncanny charms. Behind the reception is a room in the ground floor which is reportedly haunted and guests alleged that bed sheets get pulled down and a few also witnessed blue flashes occasionally. This particular room is now closed for rentals.

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A famous landmark of Hollywood, Hotel Roosevelt hosted first Academy Awards and had Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift as its guests. The staff has reported witnessing a blonde woman in Monroe’s suite where she resided and her presence felt in the Tropicana nightclub area. A ‘cold spot’ in the hotel’s ballroom is also linked with paranormal vibes and the late actor Montgomery playing trombone.

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