Sun & Moon Korean Restaurant

Did I mention I’m half-Korean?

Well, the delectable range of Korean cuisine and my love for it makes me certain that I am.

Living in India, the options to indulge in an authentic Korean platter are limited. But one such hub of Korean food delight, which I’m sure comes from original Korean recipes is in Mumbai and yes, I hunted it down to its table and found…you’re still with me, right?

Entering the Sun & Moon Korean restaurant I spotted its lady in-charge owner, greeting me a cute eoseo-oseyo (welcome in Korean)  and a waiter, both looking in a hurry, so I first found me a seat, and let them finish the priority of serving what was in the hands.

Ambience- A spot like your home”

The Korean restaurant is small and cosy, major sitting arrangement done on the mezzanine floor for guests. The space down has the kitchen where all the appetizing dishes are cooked at, a table probably for four to sit, a shoe counter to keep your shoes in, and a bill counter of course. To add, it is not just the anticipation of yummy Korean food, but a very warm and welcoming mood that grips you right when you step in Sun & Moon Korean restaurant.

Menu- you can never have it enough!

sun & moon korean restaurant

Now starting with the menu, you’ll want the entire menu, all by yourself to stun your senses. From our favourite kimchi, mandus (Korean dim sum) and gimbap to fried chicken, shin ramen, tteokbokki, bibimbap and japchae, you’ll witness an overwhelming variety at Sun & Moon.

I went for tteokbokki, bulgogi deopbap which came with palatable side dishes like kimchi (pickled cabbage and raddish), cucumber swaddled in red chilli, sweetened peanuts,

sun & moon korean restaurant

Price range- 2500 for two (approx.)

Dishes start from INR 200 up to INR 1000; 200 for Ramen’s variety and the rest of the menu starts at 300.

Taste- It’ll win you over!

Traces of Indian spices and overall Indianised taste is zero because Sun & Moon Korean restaurant is truly Korean. The tang in the kimchi, sweet yet spicy tteokbokki, stickiness of original rice cakes, stir-fried veggies, tender meat and everything just strikes the right Korean chords.

sun & moon korean restaurant

The presentation fits too well on the table and cameras capture it very naturally for Instagram (and my blog, lol).

korean platter

The imagination of authentic Korean desserts can find its luck in Hoppang (a white warm snack filled with sweetened red bean paste) while exotic Korean beverages like soju will crisp up your Korean meal and leave you asking for more.


I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I loved devouring every dish on the table! Waiting to know your thoughts in the comments.

Address– Marathon Apartment, Opposite Phoenix Mall, Gandhi Nagar, Dainik Shivner Marg,  Worli, Mumbai

안녕! (Annyeong)

Cheers! xx


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