What’s TTC All About?

This is my trend couch, have a seat! xD

Beauty and skincare in my routine are as important as mood-flattering food, travelling and a crisp fashion sense. Well, that’s me in a nutshell.

The Trend Couch is your space for a detailed insight when you crack open that nut, the nut of my personal lifestyle; running the gamut from fashion, beauty, skincare to travel and food.

Find reviews of the products you don’t want to miss; covering skincare essentials, beauty bling and makeup must-haves.

Fashion more or less is an instinctive attribute, which gradually enhances with what we see around us and generally what’s called “trend”. So I do touch upon fashion trends, the fashion I like and the fashion I don’t like. Discussions are really interesting on all three!

I also love talking about travel trends and what’s not really in trend (because that’s what catches the mind right?)

Food; I share my love for that too, because why not?

I love what the readers think about my content, so you are always welcome to share your thoughts and suggestions if any. x

Have fun!